Terms and Conditions
Reservation Limits
Cancelation Policies 
Baggage Allowances
Private Transfers
Special Events
Travel Interruptions
Changes to Bookings
Winter Tours Policies
Minimum Requirements
Equipment and Gear
All services must be paid in full upon booking and are 100% non-refundable within 48 hours of travel.  Private transfers are 100% non-refundable 7 days before travel. We strongly advise adequate travel and interruption insurance to cover loss and additional costs as we are not responsible for delays, cancelled or turned around flights.  
Rates are for a one-way fare unless otherwise specified
Prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude applicable taxes.
Receipt of a confirmation number and payment is a confirmed booking.
Nelson-Rossland Connection Shuttle Minimum Numbers  – On a zero Spokane Shuttle Booking day (no one booked on the daily Spokane Shuttle either direction) We require a combined minimum of 2 adults booked to run each shuttle. 
All bookings must be made 48 hours in advance, shuttles do not run if there are no seats booked in advance.  Local Airport shuttles will run within 48 hours notice if drivers are available. 
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Cancellation Policies
Spokane Airport Shuttle – 49 hours + prior to departure = 100% refundable minus $28.75 cancellation fee per person; 0-48 hours prior to departure = 0% refundable.
Private Transfers – 7+ days prior to departure = 50% refundable, 7 days prior to departure = 0% refundable.
Activities – Dependant on each individual activity, please see each individual activity for terms and conditions relating to cancelation policies.
All cancellations must be made in writing.  Purchasing trip cancellation insurance from your insurance provider is recommended.
Special Notes
Please be ready 15 minutes prior to scheduled pickup time. Departures from the airport and hotels are prompt at the scheduled times listed due to airport policy. Drivers are unable to wait for late arrivals, luggage, etc.
Luggage Allowance: 
  • Spokane Shuttle each passenger is allowed one piece of luggage plus carry on, extra suitcase is $10, sports equipment $20. 
  • Other shuttles: one ski bag and one suitcase plus a carry-on, extra is $20/bag. All skis, snowboards and bikes must be properly packaged for transport (bikes must be in boxes). Please inform us before had of any over-sized luggage (or special luggage such as musical instruments).
Travellers without reservations may be accommodated on a stand-by basis, subject to seat availability. Payment must be made with Visa, and MasterCard over the phone at 250-362-0080.  Does not include Spokane Shuttle due to boarder requirements.  
Pets are not permitted with the exception of service dogs which require confirmation before pick-up. All animals must travel in a suitable crate supplied by the owner and each animal will be charged a child rate.
Kootenay Gateway Mountain Shuttle Drivers reserve the right to refuse entry to the shuttle. Intoxication or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result your booking being cancelled on the spot with no refund. We are happy to say this has never happened by it’s in here just in case!
No Alcohol is to be consumed on the shuttle.
Private Transfers – The cost of service is specific to your pick up time. Any waiting period will be charged at $35 per hour after the first half hour.
Our drivers will load your luggage (unless it is too heavy for the driver) for you however it is you responsibility to make sure the driver has loaded and unloaded your luggage upon departure and arrival. Additional costs will be levied to transport lost luggage.
Kootenay Gateway Mountain Shuttle is not responsible for road closures, flight cancellations or delays caused by weather or other uncontrollable factors. The roads in and out of the Kootenays experience high snow fall 6 months of the year and the local airports do close on a regular basis and thus delays  and cancellations are unfortunately uncontrollable.
Seat Belts must be worn at all times, it is your responsibility as the customer to ensure you are wearing your seatbelt and if travelling with children you are responsible for providing your own child seats.
We reserve the right to levy a surcharge subject to current economic conditions.
Fares and schedule are subject to change.
Please note; Fees may apply to changes as all changes to reservations must be done manually. Due to the high volume of daily emails and phone calls, requests may not be able to be processed the same day. Our office hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Emails and phone calls received outside of those hours will not be attended to until the following day. We do the best we can but, same day as travel requests for changes may not be able to be accommodated.
Winter Tours Policies: 
  • 49 hours + prior to tour = 100% refund,
  • 24-48 hours = 75% refund,
  • 0-23 hours = no refund
Tours require min of 2ppl or single supplement (cost of 2nd person). 

Please ensure that you have read and signed the online waiver in your confirmation email or click here to do so.  Any questions or concerns, please contact us prior to the tour.

Attendees are responsible for ensuring their equipment is in good working condition and appropriate for the tour.  Kootenay Gateway does not take responsibility for participants unable to participate due to any equipment that is not in good working order or not appropriate for the course level.  

More Information: Don’t forget your camera. Please wear winter footwear - no hiking shoes. Snowshoeing & Fat Biking warms you up - wear warm layers so you can adjust if required as you warm up and cool off.  Remember to bring water and your favourite snack.
Kootenay Gateway Wedding Policy

All services require a 20% non refundable deposit to confirm booking.  Balance to be paid 7 days prior to the event taking place. 

Jobs will be completed as per the contract, any additional time will be charged additionally at $99 per hour driving time or $35 per hour waiting time. 

Prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude applicable taxes.
Cancellation Policies
Special event bookings require a non-refundable deposit and full payment 7 days in advance of event.  Any additional charges are to be paid within 7 days of the event.  No refunds will be given for cancellations within 7 days of the event. 
All cancellations must be made in writing.  

Shuttle Procedure
Please specify any special instructions for our drivers.  
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their guests are aware of the shuttle, at the shuttle stop on time and all guests get home safely.  It is the shuttle drivers responsibility to follow the instructions that they have been given, ensure that the guests get home safely in the shuttle and stay on time as per any schedule laid out by the customer.  There will be no refunds given for guests missing the shuttle once announced and any extra shuttles will be charged at $99ph.  
Driver will find designated person or announce arrival to MC.  
On demand shuttles will go as required by guests - unless otherwise specified shuttle will depart with guests as ready (this means if only 1 person the shuttle will go with just 1 person.)
Scheduled Shuttles - Our drivers will follow the schedule that you have given us.  Once announced the shuttle will depart as per the schedule set by the customer.  The shuttle will not depart if there are no guests however if there is 1 passenger the shuttle will depart at time specified.  This is so our shuttle can stay on time.  Any changes on the night must be conveyed to the driver at the start of the event as well as either sending a text to (250) 231 4305, email: bookings@kootenaygateway.com or leaving a VM at (250) 362 0080.  
Due to the nature of a good party and the possibility of people having too good of a time our drivers are under instructions to follow the instructions either outlined here or the customers specific instructions.  If changes are not received both in person and confirmed as per above the drivers word will be taken as the final word on any disputes or misunderstandings.  
Any abuse of any kind will not be tolerated by the driver.  If the driver is abused in anyway there will be a $250 plus gst fee that will go direct to the driver as compensation.  We hope this will not ever happen and any cases would be examined very carefully. 
Special Notes
Please ensure that we have all special instructions for your special evening.  Kootenay Gateway Mountain Shuttle Drivers reserve the right to refuse entry to the shuttle. Intoxication or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and may result your booking being cancelled on the spot with no refund.  Should there be any altercation between the driver and the guests it is at the discretion of the driver to remove themselves from the situation and there will be no refund issued. 
Any irregular damage to the shuttle vehicle during the shuttle service is the responsibility of the customer.  This includes but is not limited to broken windows and doors, ripped, stained or otherwise damaged seats, vomit incurred by shuttle passengers. 
Vomiting in the shuttle will incur a $300 charge.  Any other damage will be charged at the cost to repair the damage.  
Pets are not permitted on the shuttle except certified service dogs.  
No Alcohol is to be consumed on the shuttle.
Seat Belts must be worn at all times, it is your responsibility as the customer to ensure you are wearing your seatbelt and if travelling with children you are responsible for providing your own child seats.
Please contact Kootenay Gateway if you have any questions or concerns.

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